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Why should you be a Turkish citizen?

Why should you be a Turkish citizen?

Do you know the power of the Turkish passport? Which countries allow visa-free entry? What are the benefits of getting Turkish citizenship?

In this article, we will review the world-wide rating of the Turkish passport, the countries that permit visits with Turkish passports, the benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship and the steps to be taken for Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment.

The Power of Turkish Passport

In 2018, the Turkish passport took the 39th place with 114 points, providing visa-free entry to 72 countries, visa-free entry to 42 countries and obtaining visa for 7 countries.

Turkish Passport Visitors

Turkish passport holders can enter more than 72 countries without the need for a visa. Countries in this scope;

Qatar, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Paraguay, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ukraine and Uruguay.

Turkish passport holders can also obtain visa during entry into more than 42 countries, most notably Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon and some African countries.

With a Turkish passport, online visa can be obtained in 7 countries such as Australia and Oman.

Many countries are issuing visas for Turkish passport holders in easy conditions.

negotiations and international agreements between the European Union and Turkey, resulting in a positive way and if Turkey joined the as expected the European Union, people who are Turkish citizens will have the right to go on visa-free way to many European countries as having a future Schengen visa.

Benefits of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

The question should perhaps be asked as follows; What are the benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship? What is the difference from other country citizenship? We answer here;

Turkey, sustainable and flexible framework projects wife who witnessed an unprecedented growth, attracting foreign investment, which provides support for real estate investment attracting foreign capital, developing industry, trade and agriculture, export products, regional and modern country with outstanding position gained at international level.

The future prospects Turkey, and public life to provide incentives to technological transformation in various aspects, the public and the private sector institutions more open and flexible policies to bring the case offers multiple channels easier to service, secure web site and all segments of society with mobile applications for public and commercial services to make the request by making the most easy connection.

The strategic plans of the Turkish government are to create new resources that will make the economy stronger and to ensure long-term stability and sustainable development. This is the second ruling period of the Republic of Turkey Turkey’s government reflected the new program announced at the beginning

Major projects such as Istanbul’s 3rd Airport, Istanbul Canal and new metro lines continue to be completed, despite some people trying to stop or slow down the country’s development

The Heart of the World Location Turkey

A unique strategic importance between Asia and Europe, a bridge in meeting various civilizations and cultures, a very important trade route, land, sea and air between East and West bir

Istanbul, the capital city of the Islamic world, Levant Cairo and the sister city of Kairouan, is the leading commercial and industrial city of today with its cradle of glory, traditions, mosques and eastern style streets and Ottoman civilization and modern European identity.

Nature and climate as unique. other cities and towns of Turkey’s natural beauty, the greenery of the flowing water, the beach, meadow and a large part of the year with a soft air.

Turkish people are pleasant and friendly to guests and visitors. They have historical ties with Arabs, Iranians, Kurds and Europeans from all over the world. She has opened her arms to broaden and integrate with all the oppressed in the past, especially with the past of deep-rooted advocacy.

Turkish Citizenship

Turkey is the weight at the international level, the sound is heard, the role and the impact study and a country seen by anyone who loves to produce. Thus, it is welcomed by the whole world from Germany to Morocco. Therefore, the Turkish product or manufacturer is welcome wherever it is.

In the near future Turkey, between the Far East and Near East Asia will be a hub of European civilization with ancient and modern western world. Turkish citizens will be valued by all countries and will open doors for their products and exports. All these features of Turkey and the Turkish comfortable in a great part of the world still effective and easy way to live in the future.

Being a Turkish citizen has become a dream for many people and having a Turkish passport is a source of pride and a real gift that makes you feel like you belong to a nation that has a history and a future. By making real estate investments with the latest regulations, conditions were made easier for Turkish citizens and legal gates were opened.

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