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Traditions Specific to the Turkish Culture that you will often join in daily life

Traditions Specific to the Turkish Culture that you will often join in daily life

The ancient Turkish culture has undergone many changes over time. There are many traditions of Turkish traditions which have been continuing for centuries in certain regions of Anatolia.

The increase of urbanization and the combination of different cultural structures have brought to light many different, interesting and entertaining traditions. The habits, traditions and customs that can be quite surprising for a foreigner and that are frequently encountered in everyday life can be seen as;

Bad Energy Saving Tactics

Turkish society is highly believed. It is thought that someone else’s incapacity and jealousy will harm the person. To rid this kind of bad thoughts and to ignore the ear lobe is pulled, then knocked on the board as the door is knocked bad thoughts are fired. In order for an English to understand this, it may be necessary to undergo an academic training.

There are other habits than pulling the ear and hitting it on the board in order to prevent the evil eye and evil eye from affecting themselves. One of them is to bite the tongue. The biting of the tongue and the gentle scratching of the butt in the meantime will be used by the Turkish people as defensive tactics to destroy all bad energy.

Turkish hospitality

In Turkish culture, guests coming home are best accommodated and there is no fault in service. For this reason, the guests are always followed in the pursuit of their guests and they are constantly pressured to sit more, eat, even sleep.

– ” When we come to you, we get up so early ”

– ” Wait, it’s too early, you go, what are you in a hurry? ”

– ler You came to get fire! Ler sentences are one of the most common sentences in Turkish hospitality.

Possible dialogues in the Turkish family structure will be as follows;

Health to your hands, everything had been so beautiful.
I won’t leave without eating am
I’m very satisfied but d
You must taste it for sure mal
The most common situation is that the guest says that he is saturated and that he insists that the landlord always eats.

Another insistence situation arises when the guest wishes to be terminated. This occurs as follows;

Well, let’s get up biz
E, would you, dear, sitting more… What up ım
Whether or not we get up?
I’m seeing you at the beginning of the forty years. I put more tea, I’m gonna bring dessert. Where do you get up?
Green Light Flap

Turkey traffic is a bit tedious and challenging. Especially in big cities, the traffic density is very high and people race from one place to another. The tradition of playing the clapperboard is spreading more and more every day as the green light that is unique to the Turkish people becomes a tradition.

For 30 years, young people have already had the habit of playing klakson when the green light comes on. When the red light goes out and the green light is on, a short horn sounds a warning from the rear vehicle. If, after this warning, the front car still doesn’t move, then the actual apocalypse breaks after him kıy

Half Bread Rotary and Ayran Finish in Equal Time

returns emanating from world to Turkey and the buttermilk bread menu is quite tasty and satisfying taste. If a person who eats doner bread is completing his buttermilk at the same time, you can be sure that he is Turkish.

which turns an instinctive habit and small-sized buttermilk bread to be finished at the same time habits of foreigners in Turkey will see frequently and can be one habit can not make no sense.

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