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Top 10 Campsites in Mediterranean Region

Top 10 Campsites in Mediterranean Region

Olympos Restaurant Reviews, Antalya

One of the most preferred camp sites in the Mediterranean Region is Olympos. Olympos, which is the first choice of many campers with its historical texture and natural beauties, you can choose the tents and caravan camps and stay at the camp facilities where the tree houses are located.

Lake Salda, Burdur

Salda Lake, which is a fresh water lake, is one of the ideal options for those who want to camp with their unique view. In Salda Lake you can stay in the camp areas with both tents and caravans and you can choose to stay in the facilities.

Kas, Antalya

Campgrounds care much choice if you want to camp in Turkey’s Antalya is a city of Kas also offers one of the best options. You can stay in the caravan and tent areas in Kas, which has more than one camp facility and you can also stay in the bungalows in the resort. You can meet your needs easily because it is close to the district center.

Deregöl Mountain, Isparta

When you go to Deregöl Mountain, which is a natural and untouched camp area, you should not forget your camping equipment. Deregöl Mountain is also suitable for long walks.

Adrasan Restaurant Reviews, Antalya

Olympos’s rival Adrasan is one of the most preferred camping sites in the Mediterranean region. Since it is not as popular as Olympos, Adrasan is more secluded and suitable for both tent and caravan camps.

You can easily reach your needs in Adrasan where many facilities are located and you can choose to stay in facilities.

Tasucu Restaurant Reviews, Mersin

Taşucu, considered as one of the hidden paradise of Mediterranean Sea, is one of the best choice for both tent and caravan camp. If you prefer to be intertwined with nature and quiet, your first stop should be Taşucu. You can also stay in bungalows in the district where camping facilities are located.

Geyikbayiri Restaurant Reviews, Antalya

There are also camping facilities in Geyikbayırı, which has a beach, climbing areas and hiking trails. Geyikbayırı, which is about 20 kilometers away from Antalya, can easily reach the businesses you can meet your needs.

Camping in Hatay

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Hatay attracts the attention of many campers with its historical and natural beauties.

Anamur Restaurant Reviews, Mersin

With its numerous campsites and facilities, Mersin is one of the most ideal cities for campers. If you want to be surrounded by nature, to observe the nature and to vacation away from the crowds, you can stay in the tent or caravan at the camping facilities in Anamur.

Manavgat, Antalya

Another district, which is rich in camping areas in Antalya, is Manavgat, surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. Standing out on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains with its unique beaches, Manavgat is one of the most preferred camping sites with its camp sites and facilities.

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