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Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey

health tourism in Turkey and the world in recent years have shown a rising momentum is quickly became one of the alternative forms of tourism.

What is Health Tourism?

For any reason, people who have health problems are referred to as health tourism because they do not have the necessary equipment in their country.

Health tourism is a system that is valid not only in hospitals but also in alternative treatment methods. Health tourism can be evaluated under three main headings;

Medical Tourism (treatment in all hospitals across Turkey, surgeries and other examinations)
Thermal Health Tourism (Recreation, rehabilitation services in hot springs and facilities with healing spring waters)
Disabled and Elderly Tourism
Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has been accredited to international standards in 42 health care provider. Public hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals, mainly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, are equipped with technological devices of world standards.

oncologic treatment in hospitals in Turkey, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, had surgery in medicine as cardiovasculer health services are provided with the most advanced technological systems. In addition, difficult interventions such as robotic surgery, bone marrow transplantation, MRI, and organ transplantation can also be performed.

The Republic of Turkey was established in the Ministry of Health Health Tourism Department 24 hours a day 7 days English, German, provide emergency response services through translations in Russian and Arabic.

Everyone in the Home Language Health Services in Turkey

Turkey experienced a great progress after the Health Transformation Program and the quality of the health system has been upgraded with improvements made. Turkey; modern hospitals, qualified qualified manpower, expert physicians and technological infrastructure in the use of Europe’s most qualified and quality health system has successfully.

Advanced health care system, cultural characteristics, geographic location, is in hot springs and natural beauty through health tourism in Turkey last year shot from the center. Health tourism within ten most important countries in the world in terms of an annual average of 35 million foreign health tourists coming to Turkey.

all the different languages, including English, Turkish physicians who work primarily in the medical school education, which is compulsory in Turkey and speaks English. In this way, there is no problem in the patient communication and all the informations for the patient are made in their own language by the translators.

Turkey; Due to the climatic conditions, many Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries, which are dealing with rheumatism diseases, welcome health tourists. In addition, climate, transportation, price, and Turkey, which have considerable advantages in terms of security; hot springs, thermal facilities and healing sources attract tourists from the Middle East countries due to geographical proximity.

Health Tourism in Turkey has become the world’s Shooting Center

Turkey’s visa exemption agreements with Middle Eastern countries have made in recent years, thanks to the development of a large number of Arab tourists visited Turkey political and cultural relations.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany and private insurance companies in countries such as the Netherlands meet the costs of patients who come to Turkey for the thermal treatment. This leads to incomplete removal of the rapid thermal plant in Turkey and has contributed to the transformation into modern facilities.

Is very important to human health in Turkey, creating a lower cost compared to other countries of health services and because of the robust technological infrastructure with trained personnel in the health system Turkey, health is showing a rapid development in tourism and aims to increase the number of health tourists in the coming years doubled.

Turkey Aesthetic Surgery at the World Number One

Turkey has made in recent years, especially in aesthetic surgery clinic has shown very rapid growth and the return to the country with a 100% satisfaction policy by hosting health tourists from all over the world.

The most striking element in terms of health tourism in Turkey is experienced in private health centers. The special health centers, which provide many different facilities with their sense of competition and marketing strategies, provide a quality health tourism service by organizing the whole process from the arrival of tourists to their arrival, accommodation and return.

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