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10 Interesting Information You Need to Know About the Republic of Turkey

10 Interesting Information You Need to Know About the Republic of Turkey

Republic of Turkey, in the first three articles of the constitution has been defined as


  1. The Government of Turkey is a Republic.
  2. Republic of Turkey, public peace, national solidarity and justice; respecting human rights; loyal to the nationalism of Atatürk, initially based on the fundamental principles of a democratic, secular and social state of law.
  3. The Government of Turkey, the country and nation is an indivisible whole. The language is Turkish. 
    The flag is a white moon star al flag, as specified in the law of shape. The national anthem is the ikl National Anthem Mill. The capital city is Ankara.

These statements are substances that form the core of Turkey, but there are a lot of important information you need to know about Turkey.

Let’s look at 10 interesting information you need to know about the Republic of Turkey:

1. The Bridge Between Asia and Europe

Turkey, connects the Asian and European continents due to its geographical location with Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits. This connection is provided by 3 bridges in Istanbul.

So much so that when calling Istanbul’s telephone numbers in the Asian continent, 216 codes are used and 212 codes are used to search for telephone numbers on the European side.

2. Four Seasons May Be Live At The Same Time


Turkey is a country surrounded by sea on three sides. Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea and Turkey there are more than 7000 kilometers of coastline surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. In contrast, continental climate is observed in the inner and eastern regions. In April, a friend in Kayseri can ski at the world-class Erciyes Ski Center while you are swimming in Antalya and enjoying the sun.

3. 15 Million Megakent Istanbul


Turkey’s largest city Istanbul, with 15 million inhabitants, one of the world’s 20 most populous cities. Which currently has a population of about 80 million, one out of every 19 people in Turkey live in Istanbul can say. 
Istanbul, which dates back to 3000 years ago, has always been regarded as one of the most important regions of the world, especially the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.

Today, finance, education, culture, arts, sports, the heart of Istanbul in Turkey from areas such as media, suffers from numerous historical and natural beauty, the influx of visitors it contains.

For example, the mosques and palaces from the Ottoman Period, the Galata Tower built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius in 528, and the Grand Bazaar built in 1460 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet who brought Istanbul from the Byzantine Empire were places to see in Istanbul. .

4. The World’s Biggest Airport in Turkey

Republic of Turkey’s 95th anniversary of the October 29, 2018, which will begin operations in the third airport in Istanbul will be the world’s largest airport with an annual capacity of 150 million passengers. This situation will undoubtedly make Turkey one of the most important countries of the aviation industry.

5. 17 Historical Buildings in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO’s 17 historic buildings and ruins from Turkey on the World Heritage list. The ancient city of Ephesus, Mount Nemrut, Cappadocia who are as fascinated by the natural and historic buildings as well as the list has not yet been included in the world heritage attracts many visitors from different regions of Turkey. Anatolia, which has hosted many civilizations since prehistoric times, is a country that can offer its visitors a full experience in every sense.

6. Football is of great interest

Many sports are done professionally in Turkey. However, basketball and especially football is very popular by the Turkish people. On the day of important football matches, life stops in Istanbul and people watch these matches at stadiums or on television. Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas are the most popular and the most popular teams. Especially Galatasaray’s UEFA Cup it won in 2000, 2002 World Football Championship and brilliant perfomance by the 2008 European Football Championship in Turkey and success of the national team and the last few years Besiktas Show in Europe has contributed to Turkey’s recognition abroad It may be called.

7. Has an Extraordinary Culinary Culture

Turkish cuisine is rich in meat, vegetables and pastry. Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Central Asia as established dominance in different regions of Turkey, heir to the Ottoman Empire, the food in this region offer blends in a very nice manner. The best place to leave things in mind when you come to Turkey can say in advance would be Turkish food.

Raw meat, minced meat filling, ravioli, stuffed grape leaves, künefe, I visited Turkey without tasting the delicacies such as baklava should not be!

Meanwhile, tea is a very often consumed drink. We recommend sipping Turkish tea, which is brewed in a special way and resembles y rabbit blood Kend.

8. Father Christmas is originally from Turkey

St. Nicholas, Santa Claus was born in the ancient city of Patara in Antalya. Also in the Ancient City of Ephesus is the House of the Virgin Mary. Many figures in the Bible, including St. Paul, lived in Anatolia. Hz. Ibrahim lived in Sanliurfa and Noah’s Ark is thought to be on Mount Ararat.

9. Agriculture Started in Anatolia

According to historians, the first agricultural activities in the world started 11.000 years ago in Çatalhöyük, Konya. It is understood that the people of that period used foods such as wheat and barley in their dishes.

Today, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of agriculture. Cereal, sunflower seeds, nuts, citrus fruits are among the world’s most important exporters.

10. Turkish TV Series and Films

Turkey captured series of films in the last 20 years and enjoys great popularity worldwide. Especially, we can accept Nuri Bilge Ceylan who is the Golden Palm in Cannes Film Festival as the most important director of the country. Turkish serials gain appreciation from millions of people from the Balkans to South America, from the Middle East to Central Asia

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